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It is a platform for sharing knowledge in the form of articles submitted by the researchers including students and teachers. It is an opportunity to provide the environment facilitating development of the research aptitude among the young researchers. The feedback given by the editorial board helps the researchers in refining their articles.


Volume 1 No.1, October 2015
Patron: Mr. Bharat Saroopa, Chairman
Chief Editor: Asst. Prof. Jyotsana Agarwala
Asst. Prof. Shivanjali Talari
Asst. Prof. Avinash Dongre
Asst. Prof. Shweta satao
Technical Editor:
Asst. Prof. Priyanka Deore
Asst. Prof. Deepika Ratnakar
Ms. Vrushali Kulkarni

    • Author Name:
      Nikita Shelar
      A Study And Analysis on Computer Network Topology For Data Communication