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Commerce Association




Committee Members:



·         Ms. Savita Punjabi

·         Mr. Gopal Chanchlani

·         Mr. Ravindra Karandikar

·         Ms. Shruti Joshi

·         Ms. Jyotsna Agarwala


Commerce association was formally inaugurated on 5th July 2016 by addressing students on “Role of commerce in today’s world.”  The chief guest invited for inauguration was Asst. Prof. Ms. Pranali Patil.  The guest talked about e-commerce as an outcome of important relation between commerce and information technology.
On 28th June 2016 seminar on “Recent trends in Management” was organized for S.Y.B. Com students. During this seminar presentation on different topics related to management were made by the students.  The seminar was successful in achieving the objective of improvement of public speaking skills among the students.
On 1st July 2016 orientation for F.Y.B. Com students was organized. The objective of this activity was to acquaint the newcomers about the college staff, its different activities and the benefit of getting involved in such activities.
Elocution competition sponsored by Forum of Free Enterprise was organized on 27th July 2016.  The judges for the competition were Mr. Gopal Chanchlani and Ms. Preeti Soni from Swami Vivekanand Night College Dombivli. They declared the three best speakers who were given the cash prizes and the participation certificates were given to first five best speakers.
A seminar was arranged on Environmental issues 29th July 2016 for F.Y. B. Com students. During this seminar presentation on different topics of environment were made by students. The objective of the seminar was to sensitize the students towards environmental issues. 
On 7th January 2017 Educational Tour was organized at “Kanheri Caves” and “Nature Information Center.” Total 54 students joined the educational tour along with four staff members.  Really it was a learning experience for the students.
Pradarshani, an annual exhibition of advertising models and charts relating to environment was held on 16th January 2017. The judge for the exhibition was Asst. Prof. Ms. Shubhangi Kedare from P.D. Karkhani’s College, Ambernath.  The judge appreciated the efforts taken by the students for making the charts and models.
On 20th January 2016 visit to SEBI was organized with intention to giving practical knowledge regarding dealing in shares. Visit was arranged with total 55 students of S.Y.B. Com and three staff members.  The visit was really fruitful in giving practical exposure to the students regarding the theoretical concepts of their syllabus.
On 16th February 2016 Quiz Competition was organized. Total 19 students participated for the Quiz competition. Judge for the competition was Ms. Anita Talreja and Mr. Gopal Chanchlani.



Field visits are the best way to provide practical exposure to the Commerce students. So with this motive in mind, the students of S.Y.B.Com are taken for field visit every year. On 20th January, students were taken to Securities and Exchange Board of India. The visit practically gave them information about the theoretical topic of functions of SEBI included in their syllabus. After taking prior permission from the SEBI authorities, the visit was organised with 55 students and three teachers. The SEBI staff made two presentations of two hours each. The first presentation talked about the functions of SEBI. The second presentation was about the grievance redressal mechanism set up by SEBI. The student's positive feedback boosted the morale to organize more such activities.




To improve the public speaking abilities of the students, organizing seminars is the best way. With this objective in mind, the students were allocated different topics related to their subject and were asked to present them. So a seminar was organised on 'Recent trends in Management' for S. Y. B. Com students on 28th June, 2016.The students were divided in the group of four and they were given different topics related to management. They were asked to make a presentation of the topic. The process helped the students by enhancing their knowledge as they searched different physical as well as e-resources for their topics. As the topics were related to the recent trends in management, the presentations gave current knowledge to the students. In all there were 39 participants divided into 15 groups comprising of three to four students in each group for presentation in the seminar.




 With an objective of making students' environment sensitive, a seminar was organised on 'Environmental issues' for F. Y. B. Com students on 29th July, 2016 by Commerce Association. The students were asked to choose the topics related to environment, make the group of four and give presentation. The presentation helped in sensitizing the students about the environment and its problems. They also got the platform to speak which enhanced their confidence of public speaking.  Group formation created team spirit among them which is necessary as they are at the entry level of Degree College. Use of physical and e-resources acquainted them with the library. In all there were 63 participants divided into 18 groups comprising of three to four students in each group for presentation in the seminar.  



An annual exhibition was organised  on 16th January, 2017 for the subject of advertising and environmental studies.  The students made their own products and models.  They finalized the brand name, made slogans and advertised their products. In all 61 students from S.Y.B.Com made 16 models and 43 students of F.Y.B.Com with 9 charts participated. The judge appointed for the exhibition was Asst. Prof. Mrs. Shubhangi Kedare from P.D. Karkhani’s College, Ambernath.  All the models and charts showcased the hard work done by the students. The first three winners for models and charts were declared separately. The creativity and hard work of the students were appreciated.



To convert learning process in an enjoyment, technology is of great help. The new system of examination has given importance to objectives along with the theory questions. So to help T.Y.B.Com students in learning their objectives of MHRM, we have conducted Software Assisted Evaluation Programme. It is a kind of test where students were given options to check Kaun Banega Commerce ka Genius. The test was conducted in Computer lab in the month of September, 2016 with 118 students and March 2017 respectively with strength of 122 students made in batches. The test made the students revise the objectives. The comparison about the scores given at the end made them prepare well for the program thereby making them competitive. It also added a bit of seriousness towards final examinations.



 To reduce the carbon footprints and to make the stakeholders responsible towards the environment, Vehicle-free Campus Day was observed on 25th March, 2017. Many teachers started early to reach the college without their vehicles. Some teachers coming by train even opted for walking to college rather than hiring auto. Even Junior College teachers cooperated by sharing autorickshaws and not bringing their two or four-wheelers in the college premises for that day.