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Computer Organization and Design Programming with C
Programming with Python - I Programming with Python– II
Free and Open Source Software Linux
Database Systems Data Structures
Discrete Mathematics Calculus
Descriptive Statistics and Introduction to Probability Statistical Methods and Testing of Hypothesis
Soft Skills Development Green Technologies
Theory of Computation Fundamentals of Algorithms
Core Java Advanced Java
Operating System Computer Networks
Database Management Systems Software Engineering
Combinatories and Graph Theory Linear Algebra using Python
Physical Computing and IoT Computing .Net Technologies
Web Programming Android Developer Fundamentals
Paper-I (Data Communication & Network) Paper-I(Advanced Networking & Security)
Paper-II (Advanced Java Programming-I) Paper-II (Advanced Java Programming-II)
Paper-III (Mobile Application Development) Paper-III (Software Engineering & Testin)
Paper-IV (Data Management using PL/SQL-I) Paper-IV (Data Management using PL/SQL-II)
.Net Technologies Advanced Web Technology