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English Literary Association



Committee Members:

Ms. Savita Punjabi

Ms. Jyoti Jadhav

Mr. Sandesh Gaikwad

Ms. Pooja Oak



 Enhancing creative writing skills among the students is the motto of literary association. So it was formally inaugurated on 30th July, 2015 with the kind words of Principal Dr. Sharma. The inaugural session was followed by an essay writing competition. Essay is nothing but writing your imagination about reality, your feelings, emotions into the paper by using the tools of a particular language like words, proverbs. Writing an essay is a skill in which a writer thinks, imagine and put in the front of others in the form of words. The language options given to them were Hindi, Marathi and English. About 40 students had participated, that reflects success of committee which is a primary motto of any association.



 On 10th December, 2015 Slogan Writing Competition was organized. In the competition 18 students participated. They were asked to write maximum number of slogans related to environment and social issues. The slogans can be written in Hindi, Marathi or English.




On 12th December, 2015, a story writing competition was organized in association with Reader’s Club to give an opportunity to the students to share their stories. The best three stories were awarded with the prizes. The slogans can be written in Hindi, Marathi or English.