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Management Cell

Committee Members:

·         Mr. Sandesh Tambe

·         Ms. Laveena Ochani  

      Ms. Mamta Purswani

·         Ms. Pooja Oak

·         Ms. Shivanjali Talari






Public speaking is the process of communicating information to an audience. It is usually done before a large audience, like in school, colleges, and the workplace and even in our personal lives. Public speaking is one of the fear factor which student faces in their whole life. Department of Management studies have organized a presentation on “Public speaking” by Ms. Nisha Karamchandani on 11th July 2015. In this session students came to know how to communicate to an audience include sharpening critical thinking and verbal/non-verbal communication skills. Hence this presentation is really helpful to improve the skill of public speaking. Very much interactive and practical session it is. Students had enjoyed and learn a lot from this workshop




To involve the students in making their own product models and they should learn about branding and advertising of the product. The department of management studies organized inter- departmental product launch activities for the students of all faculties on Tuesday 14th July, 2015. The students make their model product and launch it. In this activity Total 25 model products were made by students from different faculties. They made presentation of their model product in front of students and staff who appreciated their work and creativity. The prizes were declared by Judge Asst. Prof. Ravindra Karandikar from Dept. of Commerce.





All of us know how to make presentation which is basic requirement of every field. Making presentation is now became an art said by the resource person. Many students are not aware of many tools and options in MS-PowerPoint presentation which will lead to students can’t make effective and more attractive presentation. With this objective, a workshop titled “How to make effective power point presentation” is organized for the first year Bachelor of management students to enhance their knowledge of making presentation using MS-PowerPoint on Thursday, 30th July 2015, by Mr. Munna Gupta. In this workshop many useful options such as customizing background, custom animation, grouping shapes, editing charts, creating links, custom slide show are became the highlights of this workshop. Students are learnt a lot from this workshop which was observed by continuous interaction with the resource person. Overall the workshop is successfully completed by the complimentary feedback from the students.



On 28th August 2015 a session on conversational English was conducted. An animated video showing vocabulary with common spoken English was shown. A sheet of practice sentences was given to participants to translate and common errors were discussed. The session aimed at removing the language barrier amongst the vernacular medium so that they can frame their own answers and perform better in exams. As per the feedback received from students the session was very helpful. And request to have it as a regular activity was also received from students.



On 7th September 2015 a presentation competition was organized on for all Management Students. All the students were allocated different topics for presentation.

The topics for the presentation were:

1. Social Media

2. Corruption

3. Pollution

The objective of this presentation was to enhance their presentation & communication skill and their reading & analytical skill. The presentation boosted their confidence and overcome of stage fear among the students proved success of the event.





On 12th September 2015 the management cell organized one day workshop on “How to assemble computer” The resource person was Mr. Aniket Jadhav who is working as a Hardware engineer. In this workshop students have learnt and updated their knowledge what the different parts of Computers are. Also how to assemble them and what are the uses of each. Students enjoyed this session with their broad scope in future. Resource person Mr. Aniket Jadhav said that this is my hobby to play with the parts of Computer. And this can be yours. Also you can earn money as well by assembling a Computer since mostly everyone has computers in modern era. Troubleshooting the problems of Computer which arises while using the Computers such as Sound is not working, mouse is not working which became the highlight of this workshop.




On 8th December, 2015 the management cell organized a business minded activities i.e. one day workshop on “How to make money by using online resources with reference to YouTube & Google” This workshop can be one the way to earn money. The speaker of this session Mr. Munna Gupta introduced the online resources like Google Ad Sense and YouTube Channel to earn money. In this workshop students are shown a video in which how to make a YouTube channel and how to upload videos of your area of interest. So the money can be deposited in your bank account. In this workshop total 33 students are participated with faculty member. Students are definitely going to be benefited from this workshop. In this workshop many students showed their interest and interacted with the speaker to solve their doubts which shows success of the workshop.



On 9th January, 2016 Management cell Organized a Guest Lecture on “NRI BANKING” by Mr. Prashant Beura, State Head (NRI Banking) of IndusInd Bank. The term NRI refers to a section of people having Indian origin but residing outside India. NRI Banking is done to attract NRI’s to carry out financial transactions, like depositing amounts and other remittance into India through banking channels. The session gave insight to students regarding various core concept of NRI Banking. Students also got to know about various types of NRI Transaction options and various modes of Dealing in foreign currencies. The association of corporate and academics was fruitful and Mr. Beura also gave a nod for providing internship and placement to the students.




A Resume is a medium for advertising yourself, it’s the first means in which you use to present yourself as a job applicant and try to claim that you are the best choice candidate to a prospective employer. So building the attractive resume is very important for seeking job in today’s competitive world. With this objective, on 18th January, 2016 Management cell organizes guest lecture on “Resume building and Career in Management” for the students of all faculties. The resource person of this session was Mr. Sagar Bhosle, Marketing manager, Central Region, T.I.M.E. In this session students have learnt and updated their knowledge regarding resume building. The student also learnt that how to build resume in different format as per job profile. Resource person shown one sample resume as a reference for the students. Mr. Sagar Bhosle guided the students regarding the career in management by highlighting the scope of management courses and also how to crack the entrance exams with the weightage of syllabus covered in that.




Industrial visit was carried out at Mapro Food Pvt. Ltd., on 20th January 2016 for management student. The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about how various activities related to marketing, financing and human resource are carried out in company. Along with 85 students and 6 faculty member we left for visit at 6 a.m. and reached there at 1.00 pm. The company is located in Wai, Satara District. As soon as we reached company we were guided by Mr. Amit to the company where an orientation of company was given by heads of production department about history and how company was established. After introduction all students were divided in four groups of 20 to 22 students and were headed by one manager of company who helped them to understand how production is carried out in company and how company reaches their customer. Company follows principle of “People before Product” which was clearly visible from safety measures taken by company and other policies. Maximum production in company is carried out by means of machinery subdivide in various activities like inception of raw material, mixing process, covering the product and then converting it into finished goods. Finally Finished goods are packed and are sealed where production batch no. We took almost an hour to see complete set of production. I appreciate staff member who guided students with each and every question with detailed answers. It is rightly said that “See & know’ is better than ‘read & learn’.

Students have got real feel of company’s working after this visit. They got a chance to transfer their theoretical knowledge to practical implication. This will even help students to understand subject matter clearly in future also.




The student wall magazine is a periodical. The students are given with specific theme by the faculty member to post their articles, poems, drawings and other such compositions on given theme which give some message to the viewer and highlight social problem. The students were classified into different groups and the faculty member explains the process of preparing the wall magazine to be displayed on the first floor. Wall magazines were prepared by the students on the following themes.

• Child labor

• Technology uses in education

• Dressing sense in corporate world