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Rules & Regulations

» Every student who enters the campus of the college should carry his/her valid College Identity Card and produce the same for inspection/verification by College staff. Loss of I-card must be immediately reported to the principle in writing. In such eventualities, a duplicate I-Card must be obtained by paying the prescribed charges by adhering due procedure.

» No student should loiter in the corridors of college campus during lecture hours.

» A student should observe proper decorum in the classes and college and should not disturb working of his class or other classes.

» A student is not allowed to attend a class in college other than that for which he/she is given admission.

» Admission to particular class does not automatically guaranty admission higher class in future.

» Admission to all classes will be on the basis of performance and availability of seats.

» A student should attend all lectures /practicals /tutorials/tests in time. Late Comers students may not be allowed to attend the lecture and will be marked absent.

» Student should read the Notice Board from time to time and be informed of the instructions/information displayed for their benefits.

» Student must take utmost care of the college property and try to keep the college premises neat, clean and tidy. Any damage caused to the college building, furniture and fixtures or any other property by the student shall be treated as breach of discipline and will be promptly reported to the college authority for proper action.

» The college will not be responsible for any loss of any personal belongings or vehicles of the students. Students are advised to take proper care of their belongings, vehicles etc.

» Any article found by the student in the college premises should be handed over to the college office. Owners of lost property should claim the same from the office counter the very next day.

» Smoking, chewing gutka and tobacco is prohibited anywhere in the college campus including canteen. Any student found violating this regulation should be dealt severely.

» Student will not be permitted to use mobile phones in the college campus or classroom. Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against defaulter’s as per university guidelines.

» Collecting funds for any purpose strictly prohibit unless scrutinized and permitted by the principal.

»Students should not organize picnics without prior permission of the Principal.

» Students should refrain from indulging in any form of ragging, which has been notified as cognizable offence by Government of Maharashtra. Students found indulging in ragging will be expelled from the college. Criminal action will be initiated against the offenders as per the guidelines set by UGC and University of Mumbai.

»Student should not indulge in any political activity or in any activity is detrimental to the interest of the college.

» If conduct of any student is detrimental to the institution, the Principal may ask the student to leave the college without assigning any reason. The Principal’s decision in this regards shall be final.

» Students should make themselves familiar with college rules and regulations concerning them.

» Students joining the college are by the very fact, deemed to accept an observe all the rules and regulations of institution to entire satisfaction of the college authorities.

»Any matter not covered by above mentioned rules and regulations will be at discretion of the principal.